[UPHPU] web-based project management software

Wade Preston Shearer lists at wadeshearer.com
Fri Nov 10 13:15:58 MST 2006

> I think you missed Wade's point.  Cross-browser compatibility is not
> another task to do which requires a priority.  It is just something  
> you
> need to consider when doing your initial development.  It doesn't have
> to require much more time at all.
> Don't just blow through an IE only design, just to find out later you
> have to rework the whole thing to get it to work with standard  
> browsers.
>  That kind of development may save you a small fraction of time in the
> beginning, but waste a great many hours later getting your IE hack job
> to work in the rest of the worlds browsers.
> Save time and design your applications to standards that work
> everywhere.  Don't think of Cross-browser compatibility as a step.  It
> is only a concern to have, like coding standards, design goals, etc.

That's exactly what I was trying to say.

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