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Wade Preston Shearer lists at wadeshearer.com
Wed Nov 8 11:10:05 MST 2006

I have searched and searched and searched and there are no good, web- 
based project management software solutions!

I doubt that there are any that I haven't seen yet, but I thought I  
would try the group. Is anyone aware of a good solution? I doesn't  
even have to be open source or free. I would be happy to pay for  
something… anything… that works!

SimplyPM [1] seemed to be the answer, but then I read deeper and  
discovered that it was developed for IE and only runs on MS servers  
and requires Active X. What a piece of junk! Why developers choose to  
develop software so dependent on and limited to proprietary  
technologies is completely beyond me.

The only other option of any enterprise level caliber that I have  
found is @Task [2], but their pricing is insane. I am willing to pay,  
but have to still be able to turn a profit. They want twenty grand  
for fifty users!

The next-best options I have found are: dotProject, phpEasyProject,  
Eventum, Basecamp, and TasksPro; but none of these really fit the  
bill being either more for bug tracking, and just aren't enterprise  

Is there really no other solution? what is the rest of corporate  
America using? What do large software companyies use to plan, track,  
and collaborate?

[1] http://simplypm.com/

[2] http://www.attask.com/

[3] http://dotproject.net/s

[4] http://www.phpeasyproject.com

[5] http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/other/eventum/

[6] http://basecamphq.com

[7] http://taskspro.com

Wade Preston Shearer

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