[UPHPU] Electronics recycling

Walt Haas haas at xmission.com
Tue Jun 13 16:21:18 MDT 2006

GRXRecycles (http://www.grxrecycles.com) now has a Salt Lake
operation.  GRX is a Denver company that won a contract with the
State of Utah to recycle used computers and general electronic junk.
What makes GRX different is that they claim to recycle about 97% of
everything you give them, using domestic workers.  Their process is
described on their web site.

They don't currently have a Salt Lake drop-off location, but you can
call their local manager, Eric Anderson, at 801-386-2533 to arrange
pick up.  They charge you $0.25/pound to haul your junk electronics
away, but then you're sure that the lead in it is not poisoning some
kid in China or Nigeria :-)

-- Walt
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