[UPHPU] Validation

Brandon Stout hplsbyufan at imapmail.org
Tue Jun 6 19:38:36 MDT 2006

jtaber wrote:
> Tyler Gee wrote:
> ... is there something similar for the CSS commands?

Here's a better reference than my previous one (JavaScript required). 
W3.org even suggests this one and provides a link.  Read the notes at
the bottom about "supported by" to see how they differentiate
partial/buggy and full support for each CSS property.


They also have a downloadable copy for local machine use:


They discuss the reference here:


And provide some other good reference resources, all from culturedcode:


One more thing.  I'm glad that my initial question about CSS and IE has
inspired [cough] so much UPHPU controversy, conversation, and thought. 
Hopefully these links will prove helpful to many of you and to many more
who read the archives.

Truly, thank you to all of you who participated in my original question
thread and in the related spin-off threads.

Brandon Stout

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