[UPHPU] Tables and Image-slicing

Benjamin Schmuhl schmuhl at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 14:58:21 MDT 2006

Wow this list has like doubled its posts this year in the past couple of
days!  So while everyone is active, I have another question!  I am using
image-slicing to make some fun navigation buttons work (http://www.shoff.org
<http://www.shoff.org/> ).  I wanted to be able to have onMouseOver image
changes, and I wanted to avoid image maps because I think that they look
clunky.  On the home page you will see what it looks like without the button
images, but imagine them showing up just under the curve, and along the
curve.  I had to do some pretty fancy slicing (thanks ImageReady!) to get it
to where it is, but I am not happy with it, as you may notice if you are not
using IE.  


So, the question is, how do you pull off something like this without

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