[UPHPU] Validation

jtaber jtaber at johntaber.net
Tue Jun 6 14:04:57 MDT 2006

See here's the struggle with the CSS stuff:
1)The jeffhowden web site is very attractive on my FF - he claims it is
very cross platform - he uses lots of <legend> commands (and btw I
noticed doesn't use relative or absolute positioning anywhere).  Okay but
2)The maninblue, (their fieldset pages look pretty nice), web site says
don't use <legend> since it gives major cross-platform problems .  So
which is right ?
3) The alistapart web site has lots of good info but it was their CSS
dropdown menus that gave me fits the other night and still isn't right. 

So my strategy is for now to use tables for alignment and start to
experiment with css for fonts and colors, at least until their is more
standardization.    Actually what we need is a cross-platform Delphi
like editor that provides both the wysiwyg form designs and the PHP code
stubs in a MVC format - the killer web designer studio. 

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