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Wade Preston Shearer lists at wadeshearer.com
Tue Jun 6 09:35:32 MDT 2006

> Phew!  Since I have not had the time to become more proficient with  
> CSS, I have used Macs tabular format for almost everything.

That's bad.

Tables are not bad; misusing tables is bad… just like misusing any  
tag or technology is bad. Tables should not be used for layout. That  
is not what they were created for. Tables are to organized tabular  
data or information. Does this mean that they can only be used for  
text (like a spreadsheet)? No. If you have something like a catalogue  
or a bunch of profiles with images and text that should be tabular  
(multiple rows and columns), then use a table… that's what it's for.  
But the skeleton and main structure of your site shouldn't be one  
giant table. I can't force you to not do this, but I heartily  
recommend it. You are significantly limiting yourself using tables  
for structure. People need to stop thinking of pages like a flat  
piece of paper or the whole "slices" thing. If you design by slicing  
up your layout, they your site is limited and bloated. You need to  
think two dimensionally… in layers. Don't think of a web page as a  
"sheet," like you would a brochure. Think of as media, like  
television. Build it with only the blocks you need instead of filling  
in all of the cells like you were using a spreadsheet.
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