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Wade Preston Shearer lists at wadeshearer.com
Mon Jun 5 20:04:13 MDT 2006

> And I'll disagree (kind of) with the disagreement - while in "theory"
> standards and CSS is the way to go, in practice the CSS browser
> implementations still leave a lot to be desired.  Last year I drank  
> the
> CSS koolaid and spent a whole weekend converting our website to being
> CSS based - looked great in my Firefox.  Then Monday someone called  
> and said they couldn't read my webpage (in IE).  When I checked it  
> out on
> someone's Window's machine, it was unreadable and looked like crap (I
> used stronger terms then).  I had to scrap all the work and go back to
> nested tables.   One option is to just tell all your users that your
> website runs best in Firefox.   But until most browsers are compliant,
> your choice is to either keep it simple or test like heck.    Whatever
> works for you is great.   But before anyone else jumps into using CSS,
> they should know it's likely they will have to spend hours testing on
> various browsers and doing lots of tweaking.   The firefox plug-in
> looked really interesting and I'll download it tonight.  I'm just  
> trying
> to save other people from suffering the same frustration and time  
> cost.
> I've seen beautiful websites done with CSS so the time might be  
> worth it
> - just know it in advance.

Only if you don't know what you're doing. I code in XHTML  
transitional with usually no (or one or two very, very simple ones)  
hacks and it can do it significantly faster than doing it the "old  
way." Yes, MSIE sucks and doesn't support a ton of stuff, but writing  
good, clean, standards-compliant, XHTML/CSS-proper code that works is  
all major browsers is easy. If it took you all weekend and then it  
doesn't work is MSIE, then you are doing something wrong. You can't  
expect to program the same way you did with HTML; it's a completely  
different approach. There isn't much to "make work" in MSIE if you do  
it right to begin with (understand what works and what doesn't).
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