[UPHPU] Validation

Tyler Gee geekout at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 17:33:22 MDT 2006

> I disagree, of course, someone has to.  I can do a tableless site very
> quickly and the code is cleaner, more easy to understand, and much easier
> to modify and works well in all the browsers I test (which of course only
> the most popular).  However, I do not think tables are evil, like many
> people do.  Tables were made for tabular data and work very well for that.
> In fact, if I had to choose tableless over tables for tabular data, I
> usualy choose tables.  That is what they were made for.
> Jonathan

I would agree with the disagreement. :)  Tables are great for tabular
data but definitely not for layout.  Working with div's is way easier
and allows way more control.


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