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> They do not need to be in a P tag, but they should be in a block  
> level element, which a P tag is, but so is a DIV.  I usually wrap  
> my pages in at least one div so this usually is not an issue for  
> me.  If you want to talk strict, P tags should be used for  
> paragraphs of text, which can include images but you do not need to  
> put images in P tags.
> CSS has a lot of little "quirks", which are really just "the right  
> way to do it".  HTML had become so bastardized and mutated for so  
> long, XHTML and CSS is just getting HTML back to the way it was  
> supposed to be.  HTML is just a markup language, hence the  
> acronymn.  With XHMTL, all HTML should only be used for markup.   
> Any visual enhancements should be done via CSS.

Beautiful sermon. I would put money in your plate.
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