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Mon Jun 5 16:30:08 MDT 2006

Brandon, I feel your pain.  I was up last night until 05:00 this morning
working on getting some CSS to work right.  I can only suggest to keep
CSS to the bare minimum, even use the old ways of nested tables - every
browser, seems to do CSS stuff  differently.  Remember Bill Gates made
the remark about if cars were computers the engines would be the size of
a pencil eraser - yeah, and if he ran General Motors, tires would be
non-standard and you couldn't buy them from Wal-Mart.

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
>> I tried "text-align:center" in <body>, <div>, and <ul>.  Unfortunately,
>> this centers the text instead of the <ul> element, and destroys the list
>> structure.
> I would do it like this:
> http://anavidesign.com/temp/center.html
>> When a document validates through validate.w3.org, it gives the code for
>> copy/paste, and it includes the <p>-wrapped <img> tags.  I believe it's
>> for CSS.  For text-only browsing, or if the image is not available, the
>> alt text (I think) receives the attributes assigned to <p> tags via CSS.
> That's sad.
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