[UPHPU] PHP training in Salt Lake/Utah county ?

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Tue Feb 21 14:46:25 MST 2006

Today at 10:56am, Doug Roy said:

> I would be very interested in those classes.
> I took a PHP MySQL course at New Horizons here in SLC, it was a good 
> basic beginning class.

A while back I saw some community classes offered by the UofU if I'm not 
mistaken, that covered similar topics. They were non-credit classes, 
mostly taught by working professionals rather than professors or grad 

FWIW, If I were to teach a course, it could cover anything PHP, MySQL, or 
general "web development" related, as the needs and interestes of the 
students dictate. I'm not opposed to having guest speakers cover specific 
topics for the class, if desired. (There are others in the group would 
give a more positive opinion on Object-Oriented PHP, for example.)


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