[UPHPU] what makes you a spammer?

John lists at strictlyrockymountain.com
Fri Feb 3 00:23:08 MST 2006

>> And just so you know, any sending of bulk mail period, even if it's to
>> a double-optin list giving them something they want and is in no way
>> commercial, is going to get you blacklisted by someone, somewhere.
>> There's just no way around that.
> That's what I thought. I was curious how much you had to move before
> you showed up on someone's (read ISPs, not individuals) radar.

Wade, I have a fair amount of experience with customers wanting to send
emails to their customers and quite honestly, it only takes 1 persons, 1
unsatisfied or disgruntled person to "turn you in", so to speak.  I have
had people who signed up, got a different email account elsewhere,
forwarded the first to the second, and then claimed we were sending him
spam at the second.  I could of course prove his opt-in on the first and
after showing him that, he backed down.  But our domain was already
getting blocked.  You can be put on a black list from just that one.  And,
if you are running your emails from a dynamic IP, that will get you
blocked by AOL altogether, and there is nothing you can do about it.  I
have another customer running his "small business" from his home, using a
Comcast dynamic IP.  AOL won't even let him send personal emails to people
because they know the IP is dynamic.  I know that Yahoo does a kind of DNS
signature to help make sure that you are who you say you are, but if
someone clicks "This is Spam", their whole system starts blocking you.

And there are also other methods in use, similar to spamassassin (point
systems) where if you use the color red in HTML you get a certain amount
of points, and unless you know the finer details about those, they
automatically tag it as spam.

I have also noticed that HTML emails get tagged more frequently, and
emails that don't have Real headers, or pretend to be Outlook get tagged
more frequently also.

I guess in my opinion I would say that you don't really need to worry
about getting blocked and labeled as a spammer - since there isn't much
you can do about that 1 person who gets upset, or that automated system,
but the one thing you can do, is make sure you have a valid reason, and
proof, for why you are sending the email.  If they are a customer, or if
they have signed up (double opt-in), then if you ever get sent to court
you can prove you have only sent to emails to people you have had business
with, or that have signed up to receive emails.


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