[UPHPU] Source Control Questions

jtaber jtaber at johntaber.net
Wed Dec 27 15:21:41 MST 2006

If you are on linux, try Bazaar - it's a distributed VCS that I think 
does what you want (btw it's what Ubuntu uses).  If you're not on Linux, 
here's the excuse to step up.

Bazaar might run on other platforms (all the developers I know are on 
Linux or OSX)

Daniel C. wrote:
> So the company I work for is (finally) hiring some new developers.
> Which is good but it introduces some complications to the workflow -
> which until now has been "ssh in, edit files with vim".
> Here's a wish list of things I'd like, can someone point me to the
> optimal solution?
> * Each developer should have their own development environment that's
> independent of everything else.
> * The development environment should play nice with using
> $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] to include files.  I'm thinking of giving
> each dev their own vhost for this.
> * I'd like the ability to review code before it gets committed, to
> prevent obvious stupidities from getting into production code
> * I don't want to look at diffs when reviewing code - I'd like to see
> the old file and the new file side by side with differences
> highlighted.
> * Production code should be separate from our code repository - I
> should check out the code into our production server the same way
> people check out code to work on it locally.
> * I want to be able to keep some files "hidden" from some developers -
> specifically the files that contain our DB password info, credit card
> gateway info, etc.  They would need to stay in the live code and/or
> the repository, but not get checked out along with everything else
> when someone grabs the code.
> * Expanding upon that, it'd be nice if I could just give someone
> access to certain parts of the code and not others.
> In the process of writing this I realized that it's possible that I'm
> heading in completely the wrong direction with some things, so if
> that's the case feel free to point out where my ideas are wrong.
> Thanks in advance for the help,
> Dan
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