[UPHPU] questions about RSS Meeting, video

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Sat Dec 16 01:47:32 MST 2006

Mac Newbold wrote:

> If I remember right, it is Brandon Stout (brasto) who is presenting 
> next week, on RSS Parsing in PHP4 and PHP5.

Yes, I will present on RSS Parsing with PHP4 and PHP5 this coming
Thursday Dec 21st.  In MySQL timestamp format, that's 2006-12-21
07:00:00 :) .

> I've been wondering if there is any plan to discuss generating RSS also?

Yes, but currently I'm only covering that briefly.  I'll discuss RSS 1.0
and 2.0 standards briefly, and provide references for more in-depth
study.  Since XML, and therefore RSS, is hierarchical, I'll show a MySQL
hierarchy schema one can use as well.

While we're on the topic, if anyone has requests, please let me know.
Early requests give me time to prepare, so let me know soon.

> Or other similar formats, like ICAL, or other syndication formats?  
> I'm interested in generating RSS and ICAL in particular, and parsing 
> them would be nice to know too. 

I had not planned on ICAL or other formats, but I'll look into it and
see if I can add it now, or perhaps to my next presentation.

> ... I assume slides will get posted, but if that's not the case, let 
> me know.

I'm designing my own CMS, and I'll have a multi-page view and an
all-in-one-page view.  I'll also add it to the UPHPU website after I
present it for those of you who want it in your own theme view (my CMS
has little CSS so far).

> And I'll apologize in advance, as I just found out I'm now double 
> booked on the 21st and won't be able to come to the meeting...

No problem, just bring me cookies at the next meeting, and we'll call it
even ;) .

> December is such a pain when it comes to scheduling everything.

Mac brings up a good point here.  December 21st is...

/me counts fingers...

4 days before Christmas.  Student's may be away, last minute shopping
may interfere with possible attendees, and people may be on vacation.
Although I'm mostly prepared (there's always more to do), if this is a
bad month for attendance, I have no problem with rescheduling.  If I do,
I'll make my notes available on request anyway.

Who plans to attend?  Who will not?  Let's use this thread and decide soon.

Brandon Stout

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