[UPHPU] PHP Password Protect

Jacob Wright jacwright at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 13:45:17 MST 2006

You don't need it in an HTML page. You can just use your PHP page. Then the
PHP will work fine.

>From what I see, you are trying to use two technologies. You are using:

<!--#include virtual="/includes/mainhdr.inc" -->


<?php .... ?>

The HTML includes which apache does (I think that's who's taking care of the
first instance) work on HTML page. The PHP works on PHP pages. So, you need
to replace:

<!--#include virtual="/includes/mainhdr.inc" -->


<?php include("../includes/mainhdr.inc") ?>

and your problem will then be solved. PHP does great for template stuff like
this. That's what it was originally created for.

Jacob Wright
Within Code LLC

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