[UPHPU] IDE/debug options for PHP

Larry Hedrick lhedrick at dharmatech.org
Wed Dec 6 16:28:02 MST 2006

Hello All,

I am new to UPHPU.

I have started working on a LAMP based content management system called
DRUPAL with an optional contact manager module called civicrm.

I am using various tools to work with the MYSQL side of this system
(phpmyadmin, mysql command line etc).  I also need to debug the code from
time to time starting at the entry point of index.php going forward.  Printf
and echo are just a bit to primitive.  Most of the time I use ssh to access
the code in public_html while I watch what shows up at the browser.

I was wonder what people could recommend for a source level debugger and if
it will work with a browser or in a bash shell.  The server is UBUNTU.  LAMP
server install only I don't have a gui environment on this server.

Have been coding for years but I am somewhat new to PHP.  I can read the
code fine just don't know how to debug it like using a source level tool for
"C" code.


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