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John David Anderson uphpu at johndavidanderson.net
Wed Dec 6 15:18:03 MST 2006

On Dec 6, 2006, at 2:52 PM, Daniel C. wrote:

> I've been looking at javascript toolkits (dojo, script.aculo.us,
> prototype) and they all look like they do nifty stuff, some of which
> would be useful and some of which are superfluous.  As far as I can
> tell, they all do what I want (simple ajax stuff) and have nifty
> things I could make real use of (not just eye candy) in the future.
> One thing I could *definitely* make use of immediatly is Rico's
> datagrid thingie:
> http://openrico.org/rico/livegrid.page
> So, which one is "best", or sucks least?  Feel free to suggest any
> that I didn't list as well.

I really like the proto/script combination, and use it most of my  
sites. Showing and hiding forms and quick ajax stuff is really easy.

Though, sometimes prototype is a little too much, and if I need some  
nice effects in a small package, I'll use mootools[1].

I've played with JQuery some, but didn't like it because  
it.was.filledWith.tooMany.trainWrecks(); .

-- John

[1] See http://moofx.mad4milk.net/ and http://mootools.net/

> Thanks,
> Dan
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