[UPHPU] Freelance Opportunity Starting ASAP

Robert Merrill merrilr at sostechnical.com
Mon Dec 4 16:30:44 MST 2006

I think I earned a gold star... and I can't necessarily complain about
anything you're saying either.  While, you predicted that the perceived
value to you is must less than the value a recruiter places on the same
effort, you have to admit that I would be hard-pressed to run a business if
I were receiving $100 payments once a month for 15 months. ;)  (Especially
if I were liable for that employee's insurance, taxes, unemployment, etc. as
I usually am in contract situations.)

I have never tried to explain to a client that I am better than their own
personal network, and the network of their own employees.  In fact, I
encourage it.  I have often said in negotiations with a client that "if I
can't find you someone faster than your own recruiting efforts can, you
should go with your own efforts, not mine."

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