[UPHPU] Freelance Opportunity Starting ASAP

jtaber jtaber at johntaber.net
Fri Dec 1 23:02:36 MST 2006

David Boucha wrote:
>> Thanks,
>> Mac
>> P.S. A gold star to anyone who makes it all the way to the end of this
>> unintentionally lengthy email.
> + gold star for Dave!
> I pretty much agree with Mac on this. I don't have any personal
> grudges against agencies, but if I were employed through one, it would
> drive me nuts EVERY day knowing that part of my hourly wage was going
> to the agency. I would probably be more open to paying an upfront fee
> for them finding me a good job.
Now for the other side:
On the employee side, it depends upon the situation.  For example, for 
students and many non-students, it's easier to have someone take out 
taxes, provide benefits, etc than to do it themselves.  I can tell this 
by their expressions when I offer them a contractor form to sign. 

On the employer side, there's big benefits for hiring thru an agency, 
namely, the IRS will be far easier on contractor status if you're using 
an agency than if you are trying on your own to prove independent 
contractor status.  This might be the reason MS and HP use Volt so 
often.  Also, for us small companies, using an agency would make it far 
easier to hire students who don't want the mess of their own taxes, etc 
which they get offered from larger companies.  In fact, if our local 
universities or govt really cared about working with the business 
community this is one of the issues they would address and set something 

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