[UPHPU] PHP/PostgreSQL on Mac OS

jtaber jtaber at johntaber.net
Fri Dec 1 08:52:48 MST 2006

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> I am in desperate need for someone with experience with PHP/PostgreSQL 
> on Mac OS. Is there anyone out there that could be of assistance for pay?
First, are you setting up a OSX Server ?  And / Or just setting up a 
localhost server for development.  Aside from installation, PHP/Postgres 
will operate pretty much the same, cross-platform.   On installation, 
you need to decide what versions you need/want to run since the packages 
shipped with OSX are a few versions behind.  

I believe the new PHP 5.2 is a significant upgrade (in terms of speed, 
bug fixes, etc) and unless you're compelled to use PHP 4, I would go for 
it.  You can use the precompiled entropy.net packages (though I had some 
difficulties with these) or compile from source. 

For postgres, you want to run 8.1.5, - I believe the Fink packages are 
older.  There is a nice project postresqlformac on sourceforge - even 
has some nice front ends for user management. 


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