[UPHPU] customizing sf.net's "gallery" project

Lonnie Olson fungus at aros.net
Tue Aug 22 12:48:37 MDT 2006

On Aug 21, 2006, at 2:05 PM, Brandon Stout wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I would like to integrate gallery into an existing website so it:
>   1. Uses an existing, custom built login system.
>   2. Fits in a <div> block element, so it's part of a page, but not  
> the
> whole page.
> This software uses the GPL license, which means I can modify the  
> code if
> I make the source available.  We want to sell this adapted code as  
> part
> of a larger website.
> My questions:
>   1. Has anyone done this before?


>   2. Any ideas how to do this?

Yes.  I use Gallery on my website.  I use it standalone mostly,  
except for a most recent image on the front page.  Gallery has some  
modules for "blocks", these are ways to integrate blocks of html to  
output stuff in other pages of your site.  The one I use is the  
"Image Block".  Just install and activate it in the modules section.   
Then click on the "Image Block" link in the nav bar.  It will explain  
how to include the image block in your site externally.

If you are looking at something more advanced you might want to look  
at geeklog like Wade suggested.

>   3. Can we sell the modified code under GPL?

Of course you can sell the modified code under a GPL, as long as you  
release it as GPL yourself.  The Freedom in GPL doesn't mean you  
can't make money, it just means that you have to give Freedom to the  
user purchasing your code.  This includes source, and the right to re- 
distribute, modify, etc.


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