[UPHPU] Swift: a web browser for Windows

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Thu Aug 10 12:08:02 MDT 2006

Aug 2 at 12:03pm, Alvaro Carrasco said:

>> It's pretty trivial to run multiple versions of IE, and it definitely
>> facilitates testing/development. For my purposes, I'd say I have the ideal
>> setup -- IE 7, standalone IE 5-6, Firefox 1.5, Netscape 6, Opera 7-8, and
>> Konqueror (coLinux) on my Windows machine and Safari/IE5 on a Mac Mini. 
> What i think makes it irrelevant is that as developers we must develop with a 
> lowest common denominator in mind, and it will be a while before IE6 stops 
> being that lowest common denominator.
> I expect most sites that work on IE6 and Firefox right now, won't be broken on 
> IE7 (they better not be!! :)), as long as they're not relying on IE6 bugs, so 
> i expect to do a quick run trough some of my sites once once IE7 is released, 
> no major testing or fixing.

In my opinion, that's pretty optimistic. Very optimistic. And I'm an 
optimist myself, almost to a fault. Judging by the betas they've released 
so far, I expect that MSIE7 will become yet another layer of hacks that 
people will need to apply, since now you'll have to do different things 
not just for MSIE, but for MSIE6 _and_ MSIE7, which will have different 
bugs and shortcomings. And if the thing about quirks mode vs. standards 
compliant mode is true, and people start flipping that switch, that's 
going to be a third special case headache.


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