[UPHPU] Why do forums use Int(11) for dates?

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Wed Apr 12 17:42:41 MDT 2006

>> personally, i think this is bad db design as you are putting a date
>> value in a
>> integer data type. timestamps are okay to use and you can store them in a
>> timestamp data type that will do the job fine. Unless there is some other
>> pressing design here like really watching the amount of space that
>> each data
>> type is using then i would recommend using the proper data type for
>> it. this
>> will also all you to use the database's built in date functions on
>> that field.
>> or instead of having php format the date you could do it in the database.
> I'm going to have to partially agree.  It depends on what exactly you're
> designing.  If it's a critical, SQL compliant database, you're going to
> want to hand the processing of dates to the database and keep it as a
> DATE field.  However, if you're doing something fairly spurious (like a
> forum), storing dates as an integer value gives you a bit more
> flexibility (huzzah for SQLite!).

what additional flexibility?


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