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Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Thu Apr 6 16:01:59 MDT 2006

Anyone interested in a class provided by MySQL? Contact Marc directly if 


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Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 09:54:11 -0700
From: Marc Sherwood <msherwood at mysql.com>
Subject: MySQL contact information

My name is Marc Sherwood. I am a new employee of MySQL responsible for Utah.
I was wondering if you or other members of your PHP user group would be
interested in MySQL training specific for your group.

I am currently setting up a course, MySQL 5.0 for DBA,  in Arizona with one
of the PHP user groups there and thought that this may be something of
interest to you and your members.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about
this, or any other questions that you may have regarding MySQL.

Thank You,
Marc Sherwood

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MySQL Inc, www.mysql.com
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Mobile: 604-837-7148
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Are you MySQL certified?  www.mysql.com/certification

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