[UPHPU] http question

John lists at strictlyrockymountain.com
Thu Nov 17 14:53:49 MST 2005

>> I'm afraid I haven't explained enough. This is a small C++ program
>> running on a strange flavor of Unix. My C++ program is acting as a
>> VERY limited server for specific information that needs to be sent
>> to the browser. It takes a while to get the data to send so I send a
>> page that says loading. When I finally get the info I send it but
>> the browser appends this to what was already sent. The second set of
>> headers is displayed on the browser. Normally Apache takes care of
>> all of this. I admit I fell asleep in my http class and I'm not very
>> familiar with what needs to be sent and when and how often to
>> accomplish this task. If anyone has some quick pointers...?
>> Otherwise, I will have to quit being lazy and actually read up on
>> it.

Scott, you've posted enough times that its my understanding you already
have a normal web server and PHP, and that this C++ program is simply
helping to provide output from another source of data.  And that your not
interested in thttpd, etc.  Is that right?

If so, then would it be possible for your PHP to do a shell call to the
c++ program, and buffer the output from the C++ into PHP?  I'm not sure if
that would help, but it would give you control over the c++ process

??? Possible options ???
$output = shell_exec(c++program);


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