Fred Larsen fred at bitwyze.com
Mon Nov 7 16:03:54 MST 2005

On Nov 6, 2005, at 3:28 PM, TJ Hunter wrote:

>Has anyone here done anything with unit testing PHP? I'd like to look
>into using PHPunit at work and don't know where to start. I've read a
>bit of documentation on it, but everything I've read is targeted
>towards programmers have already done some type of unit testing (with
>other languages). I think I'm grasping the basics, but having a hard
>time figuring out how to apply it to real world examples.
>Any tips?

Unit testing is great.  I have to admit that it takes some discipline 
to keep with it.

I used to use PhpUnit for everything but I switched to SimpleTest a while 
back because at the time it had
support for MockObjects and PhpUnit did not.

SimpleTest resources

Advanced PHP Programming by George Schlossnagle has some really good stuff 
on unit testing.

Good article

Good book with all the concepts explained in a general enough way that 
they can be applied to any language.

Jason Sweat's book has a chunk of chapter one that goes over unit testing

Just found the PHPUnit Pocket Guide


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