[UPHPU] are you satisfied with programming?

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at uvlug.org
Thu Mar 24 18:04:00 MST 2005

Tierra wrote:
> I hear Zend's IDE is as good to PHP as Visual Studio is to C++, in
> which case, it's definately worth it, unforunately I'm just barely
> short of the spare cash to throw down on a copy for personal use.
> Friends who use Zend at work have given it really good reviews though.
> It's definately something I really want to look into considering I
> currently use Visual Studio .NET at work with C++, and am very wary to
> try anything else with as nice as Visual Studio is.
> Bryan

$99 for Zend Studio - Standard Edition

This is not a bad price.  I may have to look further into it.  Thanks 
for the suggestion.

Is there possibly something similar that is open source and free?

kenneth at uvlug.org

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