[UPHPU] PDF Creation/Manipulation

dataw0lf digitalsuicide at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 11:38:30 MDT 2005

John David Anderson wrote:
> Anyone have experience creating or hacking PDFs with PHP?

Yes, quite a bit actually. I did a contract last year for a large
intranet system, which produced PDF fliers on the fly based on SQL rows.
 It's relatively complex;  I used to have the class I developed for the
PDF creation on my website available for perusal, but the site is
undergoing a server change as of right now. It utilized the commercial
PDFLib (pdflib.com), which is quite powerful.  I can probably find it if
you want to take a look.


Joshua Simpson -- dataw0lf.org
Lead Network Administrator/Engineer Aero-Graphics Inc.
jsimpson at aero-graphics.com

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