[UPHPU] OOP continued

Scott.Hill at flyingj.com Scott.Hill at flyingj.com
Wed Jun 29 15:08:29 MDT 2005

Isn't it a personal preference?

> In my experience it has been way easier to fix crappy objects written
> by someone else than it has been to fix crappy procedural programming
> written by someone else.

You say that because that is what you are used to.  I would prefer to fix
crappy procedural programming.  Because that is what _I_ am used to.  I
would agree with Mac that success as a programmer is not whether we OOP or
not.  It's whether our BOSS is satisfied enough with our work to continue
paying us.  The customer/boss/client who pays is _not_ interested in how we
did it, just that is works.  All code is as individual as the programmer
who write it.  Our skills are greatly influenced by our background.  My
confidence as a programmer are not whether I can encapsulate but whether I
can satisfy the BOSS.


Scott Hill

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