[UPHPU] OOP continued

dataw0lf digitalsuicide at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 14:33:11 MDT 2005

Tyler Gee wrote:

> I would agree with this, however, I personally think an
> all-encompassing and completely versatile web framework that can be
> used by anyone for anything and that is being developed by multiple
> people almost entirely via the internet is exactly one of those times
> when OOP makes perfect sense and it is silly to do it procedural
> simply because most of us have been doing procedural in (a now
> outdated) PHP4.

It certainly would make sense.  However, we did decide to go with PHP 4.
Why? There aren't too many production servers running PHP 5.  Not many
at all.  And the OOP in PHP 4 is, well, crap.  You can implement PHP 4
OOP functionally, for the most part, anyways.

Besides, this did start as a 'training meeting' to begin with.  This, of
course, means that we start at the LCD and work our way up.  And I
personally think that starting procedurally is the way to go for beginners.

It doesn't really matter to me anyways;  I'm just heading up the Python
port, and that's going to be, of course, OOP centric. :)


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