[UPHPU] OOP continued

dataw0lf digitalsuicide at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 13:56:56 MDT 2005

Mac Newbold wrote:

> Whatever anyone on this list does, *do not* listen to absolutely
> ridiculous statements like "OOP is *always* the right way". They're just
> plain and simply not true. At all.

Leave it to Mac to be the voice of reason in almost any argument. :)  I
agree absolutely with everything he said.

I'd also like to clarify if anyone misunderstood me:  I think that both
factions often don't understand their 'opposing' (should be
'complimentary') sides very well.  Many OOP programmers don't understand
 the true intricacies and power of simple, functional programming;  the
same goes for procedural guys regarding OOP as well.  Indeed, alot of
people seem to believe OOP is a 'language feature', rather than a design

The best absorb what they learn from experience and others and apply it
when it makes sense, and don't make absurd allegiances any which way.


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