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As for Java, I think it's great the apps are objects. That's how it should 
be. That is a fundamental design flaw with many languages is namespace 
conflict, if you have two apps running at the same time they need a brick 
wall between them because one's main can't interfere with the others main 
namespace. It's a design flaw.

Now as for people hating Java, I think that's mostly due to the strict 
nature of it. After all, it's a statically typed, compiled language, and the 
specs leave little to be implied.  I personally don't use Java and was never 
educated in it, I majored in Business.


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>> So, that's the point of view many of my comments came from. I was 
>> addressing
>> the PHP crowd (at least the UPHPU croud) in which I felt there were only 
>> few
>> vocal members who knew OOP and recommended it. To me it seemed that the
>> conversations were more along the lines that people used OOP too often. 
>> And
>> if you look at the Java crowd, that may well be true. I don't think it is
>> true for the PHP crowd. I think if people want to know why OOP is 
>> popular,
>> we should tell them of it's benifits. Our bad experiences with OOPers 
>> fresh
>> from college shouldn't make us warn others about OOP.
> java is full oop...you cannot do procedural programming in java...hence
> they only know oop. so how can you liken that to the php crowd that can
> do both.
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> ray
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