[UPHPU] OOP continued

Jacob Wright jacwright at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 13:21:17 MDT 2005

> I didn't want you to get the impression that I thought you were wrong in
> any of your articles, though. I thought they were fantastic. I just
> didn't want you to think that since some of us have argued against OOP
> in certain situations in the past that we didn't understand OOP.

Thanks! And I won't tell you that you don't know any OOP anymore. We'll have 
to teach those who don't know when to use one or the other.

I'm excited for the group project to get underway. I've already go some 
ideas for the template system (or rather, a good way to persuade one to 
seperate the business logic from the display logic). It should be really 
simple and easy, and no special symbols for the designer, just php code. I'm 
also for the OOP version when we eventually get there. Programming OOP in 
PHP 5 can be really fun.

Thanks for everyones' input.


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