[UPHPU] OOP continued

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Wed Jun 29 13:10:39 MDT 2005

> So, that's the point of view many of my comments came from. I was addressing 
> the PHP crowd (at least the UPHPU croud) in which I felt there were only few 
> vocal members who knew OOP and recommended it. To me it seemed that the 
> conversations were more along the lines that people used OOP too often. And 
> if you look at the Java crowd, that may well be true. I don't think it is 
> true for the PHP crowd. I think if people want to know why OOP is popular, 
> we should tell them of it's benifits. Our bad experiences with OOPers fresh 
> from college shouldn't make us warn others about OOP.

java is full oop...you cannot do procedural programming in java...hence
they only know oop. so how can you liken that to the php crowd that can
do both.


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