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Wed Jun 29 13:08:22 MDT 2005

Jacob Wright wrote:

> So, that's the point of view many of my comments came from. I was addressing 
> the PHP crowd (at least the UPHPU croud) in which I felt there were only few 
> vocal members who knew OOP and recommended it. To me it seemed that the 
> conversations were more along the lines that people used OOP too often. And 
> if you look at the Java crowd, that may well be true. I don't think it is 
> true for the PHP crowd. I think if people want to know why OOP is popular, 
> we should tell them of it's benifits. Our bad experiences with OOPers fresh 
> from college shouldn't make us warn others about OOP.

Oh, I certainly agree.  And I think your articles were very well written
 (definitely something both traditional procedural programmers as well
as  'mindless OOP zombies' should read). But I do think people should be
know that OOP certainly isn't the right answer for everything;  it works
great in alot of situations, and terrible in others.

I didn't want you to get the impression that I thought you were wrong in
any of your articles, though.  I thought they were fantastic.  I just
didn't want you to think that since some of us have argued against OOP
in certain situations in the past that we didn't understand OOP.


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