[UPHPU] Configuring PHP for Oracle

dataw0lf digitalsuicide at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 08:05:36 MDT 2005

Mac Newbold wrote:
> I may be wrong, but I believe apache has two ways to do modules:
> compiled-in (statically linked) or dynamically loaded. If your apache
> has a dynamically loaded mod_php, then you'd be able to replace it and
> restart apache without recompiling or reinstalling apache.

Correct, DSOs (Dynamically Shared Objects) basically load code into the
address space of Apache.  It definitely slows down Apache at start up
because of symbol resolving, but I haven't seen much of a performance
hit at execution time (results may vary).  In 1.3.x, it's a simple
LoadModule line in your httpd.conf.


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