[UPHPU] Configuring PHP for Oracle

Sheri design5279 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 12:24:57 MDT 2005

On 6/28/05, Peeler, Wade M. <Wade.Peeler at ngc.com> wrote: 
> We've been trying to configure PHP to connect to an Oracle database on
> another server. From what I understand, all that's needed is to install
> Oracle client software on our webserver and rebuild php with Oracle
> options so it can use Oracle library functions.
> We've installed the Oracle client software, but we can't figure out how
> to rebuild php. We got instructions for building php from php.net 
> <http://php.net/>. php
> came preinstalled in the distribution, but we can't find any of the
> files that the instructions ask us to modify, and the "configure"
> command that the instructions tell us to use to rebuild php is not 
> recognized and we can't find it anywhere on our system.
> Is there anybody out there that can hand-hold us through this? We've
> only got Linux newbies around here, no gurus.

PHP is configured with oracle on my intranet server. I remember that only 
the client libraries are required, not the entire client, if that's of any 
interest to you. Also, if you have a pre-installed version of php, it's 
likely that you don't have the source files to recompile with, so you will 
need to download and install php from scratch. I think this also means you 
will need to reinstall apache in order to get it to connect up properly with 
your new php because php is compiled into apache as a module (someone 
correct me if I'm wrong on this one).

This article from oracle may help. It uses Red Hat Enterpise Linux AS
3.0for the examples.
Installing Oracle, PHP, and Apache on Linux

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