[UPHPU] Configuring PHP for Oracle

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Tue Jun 28 12:20:13 MDT 2005

Peeler, Wade M. wrote:
> We've been trying to configure PHP to connect to an Oracle database on
> another server.  From what I understand, all that's needed is to install
> Oracle client software on our webserver and rebuild php with Oracle
> options so it can use Oracle library functions.
> We've installed the Oracle client software, but we can't figure out how
> to rebuild php.  We got instructions for building php from php.net.  php
> came preinstalled in the distribution, but we can't find any of the
> files that the instructions ask us to modify, and the "configure"
> command that the instructions tell us to use to rebuild php is not
> recognized and we can't find it anywhere on our system.
> Is there anybody out there that can hand-hold us through this?  We've
> only got Linux newbies around here, no gurus.

So Wade P are you working at NGC? good company!!!

i sould follow steve's idea as this is what i do with version of php
that are rpm based. However, i would still use the same version of php.
I would download the rpm source and use that to build my version of php.
 You could even take it a step further and create your own rpm that you
could then use on other machines.


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