[UPHPU] Article 3 posted

Jacob Wright jacwright at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 09:06:33 MDT 2005

> *AHEM*
> Have you forgotten about me? I believe that is my house analogy you're
> using. :)
> I would much rather have over-abstracted than over-hackified.
> -Jeff 

I apologize, that is true. There were some good point for OOP brought up and 
I modified my post to be fair. Thank you.

> warranted (and in PHP, this is extremely rare, for me anyway). I think
> that alot of programmers just think it's incredibly fun to create
> classes (it is) and go off on this tangent without understanding that 
> functional programming could easily accomplish the same objective, and
> probably accomplish it with 1) less development time and 2) less code.

I don't know that any PHP programmers don't understand functional 
programming. That is what you learn first when you learn PHP, and sometimes 
the only thing you learn.

> once you delve into it further?) Personally, I don't use OOP unless it's
> warranted (and in PHP, this is extremely rare, for me anyway).

 Perhaps that is true. But for me, all I do is web applications. I feel that 
any larger scale application can be built to be more maintainable and more 
extendable using OOP. Also, although it may take more code and slightly more 
time to write a part of that application, it saves a tremendous amount of 
time over the whole development life of the application (not to mention the 
post development life) becuase it becomes so much easier to work with. For 
all that I do, there is not much that should be procedural.

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