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Tyler Gee geekout at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 09:55:55 MDT 2005

Dave gave a better, and more detailed approach, than mine...use his. 
Oh, and his was correct, too.  Don't use $_POST if it is in the url,
use $_GET

On 6/24/05, Dave Smith <DavidSmith at byu.net> wrote:
> > What I want to do is when someone clicks on the Edit button (green
> > check mark) it takes them to a page that is prefilled with the
> > information from the "member" that was selected.
> I would just use the query string like so:
> <a href="editmember.php?id=<?php echo $id; ?>"><img src="greencheck.gif"></a>
> Then, in the editmember.php file, just grab the $id value out of the $_GET
> array like so:
> <?php
>   $member_id_to_edit = $_GET['id'];
>   // Do the database query here using the $member_id_to_edit
>   // ...  SELECT * from Name where ID=$id
> ?>
> Of course, if you don't have ID numbers, then you could use some other
> form of identification.
> I may also humbly recommend that you pick up a PHP/MySQL book to get some
> good ideas for how this sort of thing is usually done.
> Also, you'll need to worry about security since users could do anything to
> that 'id' value in the query string (including write their own SQL code to
> really mess with you). This is where it gets more important to go pick up
> a good book.
> Good luck!
> --Dave
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