[UPHPU] UPHPU 2005 BBQ Announcement

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Tue Jun 21 17:14:37 MDT 2005

Today at 4:17pm, Tierra said:

> our summer BBQ will be held in August on the 12th (that's a Friday,
> We've got some space at Fairmont Park between 6-10 PM. We can plan to
> start around 7:00 PM if that works out best for everyone (should give
> everyone enough time to make it up there in time after work).

Excellent! If anyone wants to come sooner, I'm sure there will be some of 
us there before 7pm if you want to come and play.

> Fairmont park is off of 900 E and 2361 S. Since no-one's maps are
> happy with that address, here's the address of the Fairmont Pool on
> the other side of the park. You want to come into the park on the west
> side off of 900 E:
> http://maps.google.com/maps?q=1044+Sugarmont+Dr+salt+lake+city+ut&spn=0.033760,0.059052&hl=en

This link seems to work fine:


As you may notice, it's right by the 700 E exit of I-80. If you're coming 
from I-15, you'll get off at 700 East, take a left (under the overpass) 
and turn right at the first street (Ashton Ave.). You'll go two blocks, 
and then go across 900 E right into the parking lot of Fairmont Park.

The place we have reserved is probably one of the ones that is a little 
further east from the parking lot, on the other side of the skate park.

Everyone bring your families. The park is really kid-friendly and there's 
plenty of room for "big kids" to play games too. If you'd like to bring a 
frisbee, football, soccer ball, horseshoes, or something else, they'll 
probably get used.

Are we doing it kind of a pot-luck like last time? If so, it was bring 
your own meat, and a side-dish or dessert to share. Drinks were provided 
(we may be able to get Webmaster Dave Turnbull to mix up some of his root 
beer again).

Tierra (or someone) should probably be accepting RSVPs and keeping track 
of what people might want to bring. Not that ending up with all desserts 
would be bad, but ending up with all baked beans would be.

Thanks a ton, Tierra, for lining this up, after being "volunteered" by a 


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