[UPHPU] UPHPU 2005 BBQ Announcement

Tierra etierra at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 16:17:10 MDT 2005

Just heads up, since I haven't worked out the rest of the details, but
our summer BBQ will be held in August on the 12th (that's a Friday,
sorry, aiming for a Saturday would of put us into September).

We've got some space at Fairmont Park between 6-10 PM. We can plan to
start around 7:00 PM if that works out best for everyone (should give
everyone enough time to make it up there in time after work).

Fairmont park is off of 900 E and 2361 S. Since no-one's maps are
happy with that address, here's the address of the Fairmont Pool on
the other side of the park. You want to come into the park on the west
side off of 900 E:

More details to come soon, but plan on the 12th of August!


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