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Scott.Hill at flyingj.com wrote:

>  OOP in PHP, IMHO, is not necessary.  A language like C++, is
> different.  C++ seems to be one of the only languages that allow you free
> reign (making it as slick or as nasty as you want) in using OOP.  There are
> many projects in which I prefer to use OOP.  However, because of the rigid
> OOP nature of Java, I will not have anything to do with it.

I agree on all points (especially with the not having anything to do
with Java ;) ).  As a fan of Python, I have to say that it.. 'enticed'
me with it's ease of OOP syntax, and the power that lies just below the
surface of the clever way it handles it.

This was brought up by Mac in the last Phlyte meeting, and I tend to
agree: alot of OOP 'bigots' seem to miss the point that it's a
methodology and design practice rather than a language feature. I think
that the OOP route PHP is going is the wrong one (and the wrong way to
do it, in any case).

I found this today when looking over PHP's OOP features (to see if there
was something I missed that was so attractive ;) ):


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