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Daniel C. wrote:

> Second, I'd like to respectfully disagree here.  OOP is the natural
> way to organize code in some cases.  In others it just makes no sense
> at all.  OOP is just one tool available to us, and it should only be
> used when the things you're coding can naturally be represented as
> objects.  Recognizing when to use OOP and when not to is a skill which
> I suspect is seriously underdeveloped in most programmers.

I agree wholeheartedly!  OOP is a oft overused methodology; many people
think that introducing OOP into their code will 'fix' it.  It's become
increasingly common, especially with the advent of Java.  I've seen a
number of CS college students who get OOP pounded into their head during
their tenure in school by obtuse professors and seem to think it's the
only way to encapsulate and abstract their code.

I for one also agree with Ray's assertion that PHP is _not_ a true OOP
language.  It's procedural at heart, and I think it usually ends up
hurting a language when you introduce something like OOP this late in
the game.  My opinion.

How about the performance difference between OOP and procedural in PHP?

I've heard alot of people worry over execution time here, and PHP OOP is
rather slow.  Food for thought.


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