[UPHPU] UTF8 Encoding

Dave Smith DavidSmith at byu.net
Mon Jun 20 10:09:17 MDT 2005

> That's the case Dave, thank you.  Its coming out of a database so I may
> not need to encode it at all.  If I do encode it, and it's already UTF8,
> does that screw it up in anyway?

Yup. Your text will be b0rked (to speak technically) if you double UTF8
encode. This will only manifest itself if you have non-ascii characters in
the text, I believe.

> One other question as well, how do you all typically handle CRLFs once
> you do this encryption/encoding?  I'm going from Windows to Linux and
> back and we're losing the CRLFs.

utf8_encode() shouldn't cause any problems with line-ends. Not sure about
encryption. I think some of the encryption apps use some mechanism to
preserve and transit ASCII data to avoid such problems. GPG Armor comes to
mind thorugh the fog. Don't quote me...


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