[UPHPU] UTF8 Encoding

Jason Scherbel jscherbel at jazzfanz.com
Mon Jun 20 09:22:39 MDT 2005

Dave Smith wrote:

>>My final question is now that I'm encrypting and encoding to base64 the
>>body of the email, where should I perform the UTF8_ENCODE function?
>>Before the encryption, right?
>The answer is that you may not need to call utf8_encode() at all,
>depending on the source of the message. 
That's the case Dave, thank you.  Its coming out of a database so I may 
not need to encode it at all.  If I do encode it, and it's already UTF8, 
does that screw it up in anyway? 

One other question as well, how do you all typically handle CRLFs once 
you do this encryption/encoding?  I'm going from Windows to Linux and 
back and we're losing the CRLFs.
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