[UPHPU] UTF8 Encoding

TJ Hunter tjhunter at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 14:26:04 MDT 2005

On 6/17/05, Jason Scherbel <jscherbel at jazzfanz.com> wrote:
> My final question is now that I'm encrypting and encoding to base64 the
> body of the email, where should I perform the UTF8_ENCODE function?
> Before the encryption, right?

I'm wondering why you're encrypting it. Are you sending private
information in the email, or are you encrypting it for the purpose of
trying to get it to display correctly?

If you're sending an email that doesn't need to be secure, you don't
need to encrypt or base64 encode it.

If it's secure info, I assume the info to be encrypted contains UTF-8
characters. How are they decrypting it? Is it an email plugin, or do
they save off the email somewhere and decrypt it? Does your encryption
methods support UTF-8 charsets?

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