[UPHPU] project names

Scott.Hill at flyingj.com Scott.Hill at flyingj.com
Tue Jun 14 14:58:57 MDT 2005

> We're seeking feedback on names for our group project. Bonus points for
> things that are palindromes, recursive acronyms, or pronouncible. Unused
> names are best, so we're not mistaken for anything else.
> So far we've had the following suggestion:
> Phlite
> And for the Python port:
> Phlyte
> Pylot
> Does anyone have other suggestions? Or do people like some of the above?
> We would like to finalize the name thing before next Tuesday's UPHPU
> meeting.
> Thanks,
> Mac
My vote hardly counts as I have not attended any meetings, (I won't be able
to attend the next one either) but maybe we should put a "U" in front or in
the name somewhere as a plug for our users group, or some other way to show
that people from this users group are behind the framework.

Scott Hill

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