[UPHPU] UPHPU mentioned on PHPDeveloper.org!

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Mon Jun 13 10:34:21 MDT 2005

Saturday at 10:38am, Wade Preston Shearer said:

> An article written by Mac Newbold and published on our site was featured on 
> PHPDeveloper.org this morning!
>    http://www.phpdeveloper.org/index/3259
> Mac, you're famous!

That's too funny... look at the last thing he says in the writeup:

"He seems to lean a bit more towards PostgreSQL, but does make it clear 
that both have their places in the online community..."

I wonder what he was smoking when he read the article... Anyone else in 
here think I was leaning towards PostgreSQL? ;) hehe

It's cool that _someone_ outside of Utah is looking at our site, and 
thinks it's worth giving us a bit of national attention.


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